Mini Club Dubai Hatta Roadtrip

It has been some time since Mini Club Dubai‘s last roadtrip to Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah so we decided to squeeze in another drive before the Dubai summer heat kicked in.


To make the drive even more fun, I asked AGMC Mini based on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, if we could borrow a new F56 Mini Cooper, which I had driven at the Dubai launch event in March. Daniyal from AGMC came along to answer any questions about the F56. Check out my review of the New Mini F56 earlier in my blog. This did mean I had to leave my Mini R56 JCW at home for a change!

Mini Club Dubai Roadtrip briefing

We gathered at our usual meeting point in ACE Hardware carpark in Dubai Festival City and welcomed many new members to their first meet. Rachel had brought her new F56 Cooper S which was great to see. That’s me in the hat trying to look important.


After a short briefing and introductions I explained the the route we would be taking, through Sharjah, onto the Sharjah/Kalba Road, through to the Hatta Mountains, to arrive at the Hatta Fort Hotel, where we had arranged parking and lunch.


After a short drive through the roadworks in Sharjah, we stopped off for snacks and coffee


at a petrol station and to fuel up. Lets hit the road!


Then it was back on the road for “The Dubai Job” as it became known as.


I attempted to keep order and lead the convoy with the F56, but the urge to break ranks wasn’t too difficult.


Jeff and Walid both have White/Chilli Red John Cooper Works R56’s, albeit Jeff’s with a Stage 2 tune and Akropovic exhaust.


Quiet twisty two lane mountain roads soon changed to single lane roads through the mountains, via Huwaylat.


At this point, there were a few speed humps as we passed through some small towns, which caused a bit of a slow down in pace (mainly for Konan to get his stanced JCW over).


We eventually arrived at the Hatta Fort Hotel and parked up for lunch



What struck me whilst sitting at lunch, was that of the people we had there, were all of various ages and nationalities around the table, all with one thing in common, Minis. It’s great to speak with like minded people, with differing views and opinions on all things Mini.

Mini Club Dubai at the Hatta Fort Hotel

Mini Club Dubai at the Hatta Fort Hotel

We headed through the town of Hatta, over many more speed humps, (sorry Konan) and drove upto Hatta Dam. It got pretty congested up there, with only a single track road along the top ending in a very small parking area.

DSC09229 DSC09248 DSC09250

It was a great opportunity to parkup, albeit blocking in a few other tourists, and grab a few photos.

Hatta Dam


After a few 15 point turns, we managed to get back down from the dam and head back to Dubai.

DSC09261 DSC09264

We drove back along the mountain roads, again stopping for a few photos, with Willian going to some extremes to get good shots.

DSC09276 DSC09274 DSC09272-001 DSC09268 DSC09267 DSC09188 10410788_10152419239170937_5825336027341080346_n DSC09175

Once we got back to the Kalba Road, we all broke up and went our separate ways. It was a fantastic day out and so good to meet new faces to the Club. Many thanks to the Hatta Fort Hotel for hosting us, Daniyal and AGMC Mini, Konan (Club President) and Ivan (VP) for organising the day with myself. Roll on the next drive to either Musandam or back to Jebel Jais (The best driving road in the middle east, check out the photos from the last trip here)

Mini Club Dubai at Hatta Fort Hotel

Mini Club Dubai at Hatta Fort Hotel

Photos are from my trusty Sony NEX7 and Konan Lim.















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