BMW i8 Debuts in the UAE

BMW i8

The BMW i8 makes it’s official debut into the UAE, and is being currently displayed in the BMW Showrooms at AGMC Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road and Abu Dhabi Motors.

BMW i8


BMW i8 Abu Dhabi Motors

The i8 unofficially made it’s debut in Dubai nearly 4 years ago, when the i8 Concept Car was driven in the movie Mission Impossible IV Ghost Protocol. In the scene towards the end of the film, which, in the movie takes place in India but in reality some of the footage was filmed in Dubai, with the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel on The Palm playing the part of an Indian mogul’s mansion.

BMW i8The car has changed since that initial Concept and was seen the Dubai Motor Show late last year.

BMW i8 at Dubai Motor Show BMW i8 at Dubai Motor Show

One of the more significant differences, is the doors were clear in the Concept car and now solid. It is the second of the i models released by BMW after the smaller i3 was launched earlier this year. BMW i8

BMW i8 Abu Dhabi Motors

The i8 is a hybrid car, with a 1.5 litre turbo 3 cylinder engine driving the rear wheels and a 129BHP electric engine driving the front wheels. The engine is based on the same 1.5 Litre engine from the new F56 Mini Cooper.

BMW i8Now that may not sound much, but it’s enough to get the i8 from 0-100kph in around 4.4 seconds with both the petrol and electric engine working together, in a similar way to the McLaren P1.


Both engines can run independently as well, with limited range on electric alone. The electric motor charges in around 3 hours and is supplied with the charging unit shown or can be charged from a standard wall socket too.

There are variety of driving modes such as Sport, Comfort and Eco mode which will  alter various settings for dampers, suspension, and which engine or both is running.

image (9)

BMW i8

The i8 is beautiful to look at, with various scoops and sweeping curves from the front to the sides and rear flanks. The bodyshell is made of reinforced carbon fibre atop a aluminium chassis.

image (15)


The front lights, also have the option of laser light projection.

image (12)

The rear seats are practically non existent unless you are a very thin small child, so would only be useful for shopping bags etc. The boot is not on the big side either, so don’t plan on any long trips.

image (16)

BMW i8 at Abu Dhabi Motors BMW i8 at Abu Dhabi Motors BMW i8 at Abu Dhabi Motors

Pricing, upwards of 650-700K AED, contact the dealers AGMC Dubai and Abu Dhabi Motors for full pricing and options. So what do you think? Prefer an Audi R8??

Thanks to Jeffrey Sargent for snapping the additional photos of the i8 in Abu Dhabi Motors






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