New Mini Cooper F55 5-door Launches in Dubai

After a few sneaky photos posted last month, I finally got to see the new Mini F55 5-door Cooper and Cooper S at it’s official launch event at City Walk, Dubai.

Mini Cooper F55 5-door

Mini Cooper F55 5-door

I’ve previously reviewed the 3-door F56 Mini Cooper and Cooper S (you can read by clicking here) when in they launched in March earlier this year, so I was pretty familiar with the specs of the car in Cooper and Cooper S form.

Mini Cooper S F55 5-door

Mini Cooper S F55 5-door

Mini already have a 4/5-door Mini in the Countryman (which has been revised for 2015 with reviews to follow shortly).The F55 5-door has 72mm more on it’s wheelbase than the F56 to allow for the extra room in the back.


Boot space has increased by 67 litres from the standard F56 3-door to 278 litres, which as with the 3-door, has the adjustable boot floor for more space and the seats split 60/40 for even more room.


Interior wise it’s identical to the 3-door, with the all the technology and options available.


In terms of driving, there is little or no noticeable difference between the F55 and F56 in their respective Cooper and Cooper S guises. Engines are the same with the 1.5 and 2.0 Litre petrol engines, with the majority sold here in the UAE with an automatic gearbox.


For more detailed information on the engine, gearbox and interior options and specs see my earlier reviews of the F56 Cooper and Cooper S.

Mini Cooper S F55 5-door

Mini Cooper S F55 5-door on the move

Clearly the obvious statement is that the F55 5-door is not exactly Mini in size terms, and if you are buying for looks alone, you would maybe choose the F56 3-door. For practicality however, with the additional doors and space, whilst retaining the “Mini” brand and feel, the F55 ticks the boxes.


For prices and specs visit Mini Middle East online or their showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain where the F55 is on sale now. Would I choose the F55 5-door or the New Countryman, now that’s a different question…….

New 2015 Countryman Cooper S and Mini F55 5-door Cooper S


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