Plastidipping and Wrapping at Limelite International Dubai

I’ve been debating for some time on whether to change the colour of Pocket’s wheels to white to match the roof,stripes and brake ducts and was looking into the various options such as powder coating, painting and plastidip when I came across local company Limelite International based in Al Quoz, Dubai, who were offering plastidip on alloys as a new service. Having decided that I wanted to see what my Mini JCW would look like, albeit with the option to reverse at a later date, I booked Pocket into Limelite before the last Jebel Jais roadtrip.

Mini R56 John Cooper Works

Pocket on arrival

Plastidip is now on sale in a variety of places in Dubai such as Ace Hardware or Yellow Hat in Time Square Mall. It is an air dry, multi purpose, rubber coating which can be used in a variety of applications and has proved popular as an easy option to provide a low cost protection option and colour changes on cars, particularly wheels. It provides a flexible barrier to corrosion and damage that is resistant to heat and cold temperatures and is fully removeable.

R112 Wheels

Masking the wheels (Standard R112 JCW Rims)

The wheels were removed and masked off carefully, though quite often this can be done at home with the wheels still on (with the risk of plastidip getting sprayed into the wrong places). Four coats of Matt White Plastidip are sprayed on each wheel on the first day and left to dry (one can per wheel), followed by 3 coats of White Gloss Plastidip on the second day. Here are the results!


Mini R56 John Cooper Works

Whilst there, I also thought it a good idea to get the side mirrors wrapped to continue the matching theme. Quite a simple wrapping job compared to some of the wraps they have completed! Whilst Pocket was there they were working on Corvette and Audi S7!

Prepping Up the side mirrors Side mirrors in gloss white

I have to admit that Jigar from Limelite advised me that a darker colour such as black, gold or gunmetal grey would be a better option in terms of longer term maintenance, but I insisted with white, knowing that they would require very regular cleaning to avoid the build up of brake dust etc. He was right, however I love the look and can put up with the regular cleaning in the mean time and in future will remove the plastidip and change to powder coat for longer lasting results.

DSC_6532 DSC_6528

Limelite International are based just behind Gargash Mercedes not far from Time Square Mall. They provide a variety of services specialising in wrapping, paint protection, custom paint and detailing, Plastidip and Foliotech applications, FAB Speed Motorsports (official dealer) GThaus Meisterschaft exhaust systems (official dealer), custom carbon fibre works and vehicle branding. Very efficient and great service levels, I will certainly be back. Checkout their website here or call on +971 043314311.


Below are some of examples of recent cars they have been working on.


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