Alloy Wheel painting by Pimp My Ride Dubai

It was 11 months ago that I got Pocket’s wheels sprayed in white plastidip as I was unsure whether I would like the colour match. Having done it, I loved the results, however a few months on, it became clear that having white plastidip wasn’t going to be easy to maintain.


Plastidip alloys from December 2014

Even with 4 coats of glossifier, the brake dust is very difficult to remove and eventually the plastidip began to peel in places and turn slightly yellow.

Pocket on arrival

Pocket on arrival

I did some local research and opted to get the alloys painted, as opposed to powder coating, as much of feedback I received was that a paint finish would be longer lasting and a better finish.


A quick search around Dubai left me booking an appointment with Pimp My Ride Dubai who are based in Ras Al Khor. They were advertising a deal for 499 AED to get all the rims painted. First job was to get the plastidip removed, which took about 90 minutes. This still left some residue in the hard to reach ares such as by the wheels nuts, but PMR said no problem they would remove it when they started cleaning the wheels prior to painting.


I dropped off Pocket on a Sunday and wouldn’t be picking the Mini up until Thursday however they would have finished within 2 days. First job was to remove the wheels and get them cleaned up and masked off.


Here you can see the faded state of the brake calipers. Next up was the lengthy process of spraying each wheel with numerous coats to get the required finish.


I also asked the team to apply replacement John Cooper Works stickers (which I bought off eBay) to the front brake calipers and protect by layering some heat resistant varnish over the top.

New JCW Sticker applied and varnished

New JCW Sticker applied and varnished

PMR did a fantastic job, including repairing 2 minor scuffs on the alloys before painting and giving Pocket a buff and polish afterwards. Certainly a lot easier to clean now than with Plastidip coatings.

28 32 34 38 36

As you see the results are superb and I would certainly recommend Pimp My Ride for alloy painting as well as any custom modifications for your car.

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Big thanks to Jerry and the team there. Here’s the link to their website.


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