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  1. Tobias

    i saw your link at your youtube channel with the sound of Hans Zimmer and read that you had a homepage of cars in dubai.
    I’m very interested in cars and study Mechanical Engineering in Regensburg, Germany and I’m also car addicted.
    Just wanted to ask what your job is in Dubai. I really like your homepage and wanted to thank you for all the work you did here. The photos really look professional and i will come back to see if there are new pictures in the next months. Actually i didn’t know that there are so many races in dubai but this sounds really great there. Hope to get there one day too.

    Well just wanted to leave a comment,

    Have a nice day,


    • donohof

      Hi Tobias,

      Thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated. My day job is actually as a Head Of HR for a retail business here in Dubai. The site is purely for me to share my passion around cars and photography, as there are so many opportunities to showcase these in Dubai. Thanks again for reading and I look forward to any more comments and feedback you have. If there any articles or suggestions for the site, please comment away!


  2. Nauman

    Hi, Can you recommend car paint protection services that can put a clear skin on Matt paint from factory. I have an M5 Jahre edition in frozen silver.

    Thank you!

    • donohof

      Try Limelite International based in Al Quoz, or Ceramic Pro based in Al Ain

  3. Daniel

    Hi Dubai Drives, is it possible to walk in and photograph the cars in the Alain Motor Class showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road? I will be in Dubai next month and would like to check out the showroom.

    • donohof

      Yes but ask permission when you enter :)

      • Daniel

        Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it! I’ll be around town the week before the Yas Marina Circuit F1 race and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my stay. Would like to commend you on your articles regarding Alain Motor Class, Deals on Wheels and Al Awir, I enjoyed reading them (:

        • donohof

          No problem at all, thanks for the feedback and enjoy your visit. Exotic Cars Dubai have just moved to near the BMW/Mini AGMC Dealership on Sheikh Zayed Road too :)

  4. Nik

    Hello! I’d firstly like to service my 2013 Mini Cooper Roadster S and sell it. The agmc warranty and package is expired (march ’16) and the ride has clocked 47k. A good service center reasonably priced in Dubai would be regarded.


    • donohof

      Munich Motors Works, Z degree in Al Quoz as well, or Technical Resources in Umm Sequiem

  5. Nikhil Khosla

    Thanks. I got the car serviced from agmc now and is ready for sale. Let me know if someone would be interested to buy a super clean Hardtop Roadster S grey with silver stripes. I’m available on 0508752252 to share pics etc.

    • donohof

      Post it on the Mini Club Dubai facebook page if you want

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